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My name is Kees. I was born in 1960. The person on this photo's is me, back in 2009. I see photography as a pleasurable leasure activity, it relaxes me. My main focus lies in capturing nudes in an artistic way. I find equal pleasure in the final stage of editing as I do in making the pictures in the first place. I started photographing in the Fall of 2006.

Being nude is a natural and normal thing for me. However, when photographed in the right way, a nude body can gain something extra, radiate something enchanting, gain an attribution. This can work into something (slightly) erotic, but that is by no means an end in itself. Good photography can make any nude body into something special. This is why the nude body, in all its simplicity and splendor, is central to my work. Although, I sometimes do shoots in which the body is ‘slightly covered’. After all, it isn’t about getting breasts, buttocks or vulvae into the shot, but it’s about giving the nude body as a whole that which it deserves.

I use a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) by Canon (untill November 2009 I worked with an EOS 300D, after that with an EOS 7D), mostly with an EF-S 17-55 mm F/2.8 IS USM lens (also by Canon). The flash I use is a Canon Speedlite 430EX II. I also have a few Calumet Quatro Continue photo lamps. At my studio at home I use two Mekin flash heads and a Mekin beauty dish.
For the editing part, I use mainly Paint Shop Pro, Nik Software, Cosmetic Guide, Topaz, and Mystical Lightning.  Besides the aforementioned I also use many other small programs and plug-ins.


A model certainly doesn’t have to have a lot of experience. In fact, it is preferable if a model doesn’t have too much experience! The size and age (minimum 18 years of course!) of a model are fairly unimportant to me. It’s what a model radiates, the spontaneity, the naturalness, that it looks unforced that is most important to me. And of course the interaction between model and photographer. Every body is beautiful and no one should be ashamed of theirs! Together we will explore what kind of pictures would match your appearance and appeal best.

It’s all about teamwork. During a shoot there has to be some sort of chemistry. I use feeling and intuition as a foundation during photographing and I work exclusively on a basis of trust and respect. A credo I like to use is: all is possible, there are no taboos, but nothing is obligated! We both have to feel content with the pictures in the end. That is why the decision of what pictures we will be making is a decision we make together. This way of working and deciding as a team has everything to do with decency and respect.

© Kees Nude Art 2016

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